Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice in Newcastle, North Shields and Whitley Bay

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A Therapy Practice That Supports You Through Difficult Life Experiences.​

North Shields, Whitley Bay

and Newcastle upon Tyne

Sometimes life throws experiences and feelings our way, that we did not expect...

You may feel overwhelmed, stuck, unclear about what you want from your life, anxious and lacking in confidence.

You might be considering coming to therapy because you want to...

Feel supported while you process difficult feelings, so you can begin to find a way to move forward 

Find a place to talk freely without judgment so that you feel heard by someone

Create more balance in your life so you feel more in controland able to cope with life's challenges

Rediscover your identity so that you can live a life you feel excited about

Increase your self-esteem and confidence so that you feel more able to ask for what you need

I offer Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults,
Areas include:

Bereavement, including Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Loss of health, identity, redundancy

Issues with Personal and Work Relationships

Life Transitions such as parenthood, a new job, and retirement

Stress, anxiety, confidence, and self-esteem

Women's Health including menopause

Hello, my name is Frankie and I am a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Newcastle, North Shields, and Whitley Bay.

If you decide to come to therapy it is a big step towards looking after yourself. You will find a place to speak freely about what is troubling you, you will feel supported and where you will not be judged.

If I can answer any questions you might have

or if you would like to arrange an appointment

please get in touch.


Text or Phone: 07895 060 981