Supporting Creative Professionals to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Getting support from a therapist can help to navigate the emotional and physical effects of working in the creative industries. It can help you increase confidence, build resilience and help gain mental strength so that you can continue working in the industry you love.


Asking for help from a Counsellor or Psychotherapist can help...


  • Reduce performance and social anxiety
  • Release creative blocks
  • Improve work & life balance, and increase self-care
  • Process difficult traumatic content
  • Reduce stress due to the physical and mental strain of intensive work
  • Manage feelings of isolation and loneliness  
  • Improve relationship dynamics
  • Find strategies to deal with the day to day stresses of working in the industry


I bring together ten years' experience of working in the performing arts alongside my knowledge as a psychotherapist to provide a unique understanding and opportunity to help improve the mental health of artists and work with arts organisations to find better ways to support the creative professionals that work within them.

For Arts Organisations, Producers and Project Managers...

Having mental health provision within a project is a great way to show the people involved in creating and performing your work that they are looked after. It can increase wellbeing, allow for reflection and processing of difficult material, increase motivation, reduce stress and anxiety and help manage relationships. These benefits will help maintain the collaborative nature of your projects and ensure that creative professionals are given the opportunity to maintain their mental health now and into the future.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support - providing short & long term support during the devising, rehearsal & performance period.  Like going for a massage to help tired bodies recover from what can be a grueling physical process; counselling can offer a place to manage the intense periods of stress and anxiety that can arise from working towards and during a piece of work. It also provides a place to talk through and reflect on potentially traumatic and challenging material and help keep you grounded and safe. 


Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops - Workshops can include stress management, addressing anxiety and imposter syndrome, and releasing creative blocks.

Personal Professional Development Group - A PPD Group is a regular group session with both a personal and professional element, allowing space to focus on increasing mental wellbeing and have creative discussions in a supportive environment. Groups are facilitated but led by the needs of the group.


If you are interested in attending a workshop or PPDG please register your interest
by emailing me on

I'd like to see if I can help you so please get in touch to arrange your first appointment or find out more about what I offer


Text or Phone: 07895 060 981

It is important to note that counselling and psychotherapy are generally recognised as beneficial but sometimes this isn't always the case.

Choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist can be a big decision and it is important to feel that the person you choose is right for you.

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