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Steadying ourselves in the face of uncertainty...

We are living through an unsettling and uncertain time and many of us are dealing with increased anxiety, stress, and worry; some will be feeling burnt out and exhausted.

How can we help ourselves be a little grounded and a bit more steady so that we can feel more in control, even if it is for just a few moments?

Here are some ideas that might help:

- Allow yourself to feel what you're feeling, angry, sad, frightened, all are valid right now. Find a safe space to express these feelings, this might be with the support of another human, allowing yourself to shout at the wall or finding a creative outlet like writing, drawing or digging in the garden. Allowing yourself to express what you are feeling in a safe way, rather than holding onto it can give relief and can help us begin to feel better.

- Look to your community, check out local supportive groups, look to your friends and family, local shops and places you usually visit. There is a growing sense of community collaboration and even if we are self-isolating we can find ways to reach out and maintain connections. If you struggle to do this on your own, ask a close friend of family member to help walk alongside you whilst you find what feels right for you.

- Limit news and information. When we feel out of control, we want to find a way to manage this and looking for information and answers can feel like a good option. Unfortunately, this can often lead to increased anxiety and stress. It also pulls us away from the present moment. Try choosing the 1 or 2 sources of information you prefer and limit checking in to once or twice a day, maybe for a specific amount of time. If you find it hard to stop then try setting a timer and get up and move away completely.

- If you can, get some air and breathe…. whether that is a walk in the park, standing on your back step or opening a window. The energy shifts when you allow yourself to connect with nature and the outdoors, in whatever form it takes for you.

Feel your feet on the floor, notice the air on your face, breath in slowly for 3 and then out…. do it again, and now do it again.

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